Our goal is to make updating your home enjoyable!  We take care of the entire design process from beginning to end for your custom home renovation or home styling project.  We follow a proven process that includes the design package, project management, ordering and installation, bringing the design to life.   
Kim Joy Design is a full-service design boutique that transforms homes into stunning and practical spaces, inside and out. With a focus on your home's narrative, Kim delivers high-quality design solutions and processes that bring function and charm back into your home, making it the space you've always dreamed of.
At KJD we are passionate about maximizing the potential of your home and incorporating beauty and function into every detail.  We'd love to hear about your project!  The first step is to book a Discovery Call.  The Discovery Call allows us to get to know one another and confirm we both want to move forward.  After the Discovery Call, the next step is The Consultation. An on-site session of up to two hours will be booked at a time convenient for everyone, Monday to Friday. This is a paid consultation and an opportunity to ensure the project is a right fit, exchange ideas, and kick start the project. After the consultation you'll be provided with a summary of the meeting and a Proposal and Contract to proceed with the project.  The Consultation Fee is $299.
Client Testimonial
"Working with Kim of Kim Joy Design was a fantastic experience.  I thought I’d be fine doing it on my own but was quickly overwhelmed by all the small decisions involved. The space is so much lighter and brighter now and it brings me so much joy. Kim is invested in the satisfaction of her clients so I know that anyone who chooses to work with her will have the same amazing experience."
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