Full Service Design
Our goal is to make updating your home enjoyable!  We take care of the entire design process from beginning to end for your custom home renovation or home styling project.  We follow a proven process that includes the design package, project management, ordering and installation, bringing the design to life.   It's not about specific trends but designing a home that reflects you, the client, in an elevated way so you can see yourself in the completed space.  I’d love to collaborate with you to bring out the unique story of your home.  The first step in the process it to book a Discovery Call.  
Design Consulting
Use this service to get design advice on optimizing your floor plan, furniture, renovation selections, or re-styling your space.   An on or off site session of up to two hours will be booked at a time convenient for everyone.   This is a paid consultation at $299 and an opportunity to brainstorm, ask questions and receive expert design advice on whatever topics suit your needs.  Click the link below to book your Consultation.
We are here to help you love the home you're in! 
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