Van Gogh Inspired Living Room
Recently I had a chance to attend the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit and to say it was stunning would be an understatement. I saw many of his paintings at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam several years ago but this exhibit really lets you step inside the art.  The best moment for me was when the almond blossom paintings filled all the screens. The flowers seemingly came to life with petals swirling through the room and dancing across the floor. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced something so beautiful and moving.

I was inspired to incorporate elements of the almond blossom painting into a living room design. I wanted to capture the colours and the contrast of light and dark. With the blue being such a bold colour, I kept the rest of the palette fairly neutral with shades of brown and cream and a few pops of pink to highlight the blossoms. My sister had a Van Gogh Almond Blossom print that was in storage so we reframed it and brought the mood board to life in her living room. 
The room feels so much lighter now! One of my favorite updates is the new linen drapery-the room is brighter and the ceilings look higher. I also love the addition of the bamboo palm-it really brings life to the room. Another favourite is the Amsterdam entry corner where there was nothing before!
This project was a good challenge! My sister wanted to do it quickly and on a budget. She also didn’t want to change out anything major-including the large pieces of furniture. We had to rely on local stores with stock and online orders with quick delivery times.  You can shop the links below - please note I do get commissions for purchases made through some links in this post.  The floral couch cover isn't available anymore so a similar blue one is linked.
Mood Board
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