One Room Challenge Week Seven
We are inching towards the finish line.  The electrical is finished and the mudding and drywall has started.  The mess is gone and we are prepping for the last few layers of drywall and then paint.  The mirror we ordered last might is arriving today and we are getting ready for the final push.  I have a few styling items I want to source so the room is picture perfect!  I am so ready to move back in!
As we look toward to the end of this project we did a review of how much money we've spent so far.  To say that we had a budget would be incorrect - we haven't kept a close eye on money.    Even though we are doing a lot of the work ourselves this was not a budget/DIY design.  We've sourced very specific items so how much things cost wasn't always front of mind.  Here is a breakdown of what each item has cost.  I haven't included our existing hardwood floors or any of the existing lighting in the room.  Some items we got at a discount so this price might not reflect actual retail cost for someone else.  We also spent a premium on the vintage items as those are truly one of a kind.  This does include the purchase of the king mattress which is a large ticket item as well.
Evrbed King Mattress - $2500
DIY Bed Frame - $600 (lumber, stain, supplies, etc.)
Electrical - $250
Rug - $700
Vintage Nightstands - $3000 (including cross country shipping)
Vintage Highboy Dresser - $650 (not shown in mood board)
Wall Sconces - $500
Headboard - $550
Custom Art - $500
Mirror - $180
Paint - TBD
Bedding - TBD
Final Styling - TBD
Total so far - $9430
The reason why I share this is so everyone can see the 'true' cost of a design like this.  Yes it could have been done cheaper if we'd DIY'd everything or tried to source and refinish the vintage furniture ourselves but we didn't have unlimited time to put into this project.  What is not reflected in this cost is the time we did spend.  My design hours fee and my husband's trade hours.   Did this number surprise you?
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