One Room Challenge Week Six
No kidding around that ORC is a challenge!  I feel like we are at the stage where we feel like we're just treading water.  The electrical has been started but of course it's more difficult that we anticipated.   All the drywall has been cut for the new electrical and care was taken to not break the vapour barrier.  After the holes were cut the electrician, aka my husband, discovered the new boxes won't be a stud.  Normally, if you were planning out the electrical during construction or just putting in new electrical where the location didn't matter so much, you could plan to have studs near by or locate it by a stud.  However in this case because we need to be very specific about where the new lights and switches will go we have to work around not having a stud.  My husband had to make another run to Home Depot to get an 'old man box' which is a funny term for an electrical box that can mount just to drywall. 
Despite that we are a tiny bit behind, I've added one new item to the project - a full length mirror!  We're finally getting a decent sized one.  It's getting delivered next week and it should be a fairly straight forward install.  I 'love' that we are adding items to our project list even thought we still have so much to go!  I'm keeping my eyes on the prize though, because I love the Mitzi lights so much and all the electrical work is what they are for!  The Lupe look so good and I know it will be worth it in the end!  I keep looking at this mood board and remembering that while it looks a long way off we are making progress! 
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