Plant Decor Spring Refresh
I might be dating myself but Green Card with Andie McDowell is one of my favourite movies. For me, the true star of the show is Brontë’s apartment and the attached greenhouse. The lush green hideaway in the middle of a NYC apartment is just stunning. It creates a feeling like the jungle or a cloud forest with plants surrounding you and green everywhere. 

Photo credit: Pinterest/Movie Still

Since renovating our house and having better light to grow plants, I started expanding my indoor garden to try to create my own version of Brontë’s greenhouse. Over the last few weeks I’ve done some repotting to give my house plants some new life. Having my hands in the dirt makes it feel like spring, even if the weather outside says otherwise. 

There’s something so satisfying about taking a plant that’s limp or turning brown and have it come back to life and thrive in a new pot or location. I think plants are kind of like people. You have to get to know them and learn what they need to grow and mature. Some need a lot of space and a hands off approach while others need to be tended daily to flourish. 
Plants are an easy way to beautify your space but their benefits go far beyond aesthetics. Plants improve air quality in your home by absorbing toxins and reduce dryness by releasing moisture into the air. This can be very beneficial to those suffering from headaches or allergies. The additional oxygen produced by plants can also help improve your mood, energy levels and concentration. 
While I might be a long way from a penthouse garden conservatory, I think using plants as decor really brings my house to life and I enjoy the challenge of keeping them all alive.  Here is a round up of some great finds from Etsy for some look alike pots and plant stands that I’ve found locally here in YYC.
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